Air Cleaners

Ambient Overhead Air Cleaners

Free hanging air cleaners are used to supplement a source capture system or where source capture is not practical or possible. Typical uses for these systems include body shops, wood shops, welding and fabricating shops, and vehicle maintenance shops, among others. Multiple sizes and filtration capacities are available. Units are available with disposable multi-pocket filters, cartridge filters, and washable electrostatic filters. Any facility with airborne dust, smoke, or mist can greatly benefit from a correctly designed ambient air cleaning system.

Welding Smoke Collection
Wood Dust Collection
Body Shop Air Cleaning
Robotic Welding Smoke Collection
Plasma Cutting Air Cleaning
Truck Repair Shop Ambient Air Cleaning
Cabinetry Shop Ambient Air Cleaning
Welding Smoke Ambient Air Cleaning
Solid Surface Fabrication Ambient Air Cleaning

Ducted Air Cleaners

Ducted systems can be used for a variety of low to moderate volume applications, including the capture of plastic dust, welding fumes, grinding dust, paint dust, soldering and brazing applications, and many others. A wide variety of sizes and filtration capacities and types are available, including disposable multi-pocket filters and washable electrostatic filters. Special options include HEPA and carbon after-filters.

Robotic Welding Air Cleaning
Plastic Sanding / Cutting Air Cleaning
MIG Welding Air Cleaning
Metal Stamping Air Cleaning
Die Casting Air Cleaning
Sanding Air Cleaning
Brazing Air Cleaning